Special TIME Edition

I need this magazine. The key words are happiness and Science. I’m in a cycle of obvious mourning yet I am also in a new place physically, so as I said I need to see the connection between these two key words not because I must START doing things different.

But because I’ve been doing a lot of things very well and am being torn down sometimes still. That’s not fair to me. Slow down and fix it in love with myself is my choice.

Politics WILL wait. I already know what I stand for in America. 😉🇺🇸🤷🏻‍♀️ My artistic side has taken many political hits. No more.

I already realized something today. Hope it encourages somebody. You have to be Baby Boomer or Gen X, older like me, to get this approach. Young people, no offense but I haven’t lived in your world as long as you have and I have lived in Gen Z’s world longer than most through having children and they learning from and loving Gen X me and vice-versa. It is hard sometimes, but pain is put there to help me grow more love. I will cast a Rune Draw as I read this magazine with some quotes from TIME.

Knowing Love’s Power Begins

I held this dear child on the delivery table. Her father walked past on my right. She craned her newborn head and then nestled back into my arms because her father spoke, and that voice she knew as she was growing within me

So much judgment has come and gone in her life; in my life. We are here to tell you pain. We are here to tell you you have our testimony forever. And that is amen and amen………

Few people got me safely past the bonds of capitalism, religion, and murderous sin as the author of Uncovered No More. Actually, actually, ask me no questions in the darkness and I will tell you no lies in the light of day…..

There is a way which seems right to people. She and I do not ever go that way, it is death and we love deepest to where there is no death in our midst, there is no death in our midst, there is no death in our midst………….

It is 5:33 PM. I hope you have a pleasant evening.

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